Latest prescription information about Procaine- Penicillin. Learn how to pronounce the drug’s name, its indications, dosage, how to take, when to take, when not to take, side effects, special precautions, its storage instructions and warnings if any when taken during pregnancy. Also listed are the International and Indian trade name(s) of the drug and its price list.

Generic Name : Procaine- Penicillin

Pronunciation : PEN-i-SIL-in G PROE-kane

Trade Name(s): 
India- Fortified Procaine Peni 40l Vial, F.P.P Vial, Bistrepen Paed Inj , Bistrepen Forte Inj , Bistrepen 5 Dose Inj , Bistrepen 1 Dose Inj.
International- Wycillin, Bicillin CR.

Why it is prescribed (Indications) : 
This medication is an antibiotic, prescribed for many bacterial infections. It fights bacteria in the body.

When it is not to be taken (Contraindications): 


Category B : Animal reproduction studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women OR Animal studies have shown an adverse effect, but adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in any trimester.

Dosage & When it is to be taken : 
IM- Adults and pediatric patients over 60 lbs. in weight: 2,400,000 units.
Pediatric patients from 30 to 60 lbs: 900,000 units to 1,200,000 units.
Pediatric patients under 30 lbs: 600,000 units.

How it should be taken : 
It comes as a solution for injection, to be administered by a healthcare provider into the muscle.

Warnings and Precautions : 
* Caution should be exercised in patients with history of asthma, kidney disease, any allergy, who are taking other medications, elderly, children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
* Do not inject the medication into the vein.
* It may affect blood sugar level, monitor blood sugar regularly.

Side Effects : 
Body as a Whole- Hypersensitivity reactions including itching, fatigue, weakness, and pain, headache.
Heart - Heart arrest, low/high blood pressure, fast heart rate, palpitations, blood clot in lungs, dilatation of blood vessels, stroke and fainting.
Gastrointestinal- Nausea, vomiting, blood in stool and intestinal necrosis.
Injection Site- Injection site reactions including pain, inflammation, lump, abscess, necrosis and swelling.
Metabolic- Elevated Blood Urea Nitrogen and liver enzymes level.
Musculoskeletal- Joint disorder, bone inflammation and muscle weakness.
Central Nervous System- Nervousness, tremors, dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, anxiety, mood changes, epilepsy and coma.
Blood- Anemia, decreased platelet and white blood cells count.
Respiratory- Difficulty in breathing.
Skin- Sweating.
Special Senses- Blurred vision and blindness.
Genitourinary- Blood in urine, protein in urine, kidney failure, impotence and painful erection.

Other Precautions : 
* Avoid vaccination while taking this medication.

Storage Conditions : 
Store it in refrigerator between 2 to 8 °C