Undecenoate for fungal skin infections

  • Use the cream or powder twice each day after washing and drying your feet.
  • Continue to use it for 1-2 weeks after the rash has gone.
  • To help prevent athlete's foot from recurring, change your socks daily, change your shoes every 2-3 days, and let air get to your feet whenever possible at home.

About undecenoate preparations

Type of medicine Antifungal skin preparation
Used for Athlete's foot
Also called Mycota®
Available as Cream and powder

Athlete's foot is a common fungal infection of the skin on the feet. Fungal germs (fungi) often occur in small numbers on your skin where they usually do no harm. However, in warm and moist areas of skin, such as between your toes, they can thrive and multiply to cause an infection. This causes a rash to develop that is itchy and scaly, and your skin becomes cracked and sore.

Undecenoate cream and powder (Mycota®) work by killing the fungus causing the infection. They are available to buy from pharmacies and other retail outlets, and can be used by adults and children.

Before using undecenoate preparations

To make sure this is the right treatment for you, before you start using Mycota® it is important that your doctor or pharmacist knows:

  • If you have ever had an allergic reaction to a cream or ointment.
  • If you are pregnant (although undecenoate is not known to be harmful in pregnancy).

How to use undecenoate preparations

  • Before you start this treatment, read the manufacturer's printed information leaflet from inside your pack.
  • Use Mycota® twice each day, morning and evening. Apply the cream or powder to the rash and also to the normal areas of skin surrounding the rash. Do not apply it to any broken areas of skin.
  • Although the rash may seem to go quite quickly, continue to apply Mycota® for 1-2 weeks after the rash has gone. This is to clear the fungi completely from the skin, which will help prevent the infection from returning.

Getting the most from your treatment

  • Wash your feet each day, and dry the skin between your toes thoroughly after washing. Make sure your feet are quite dry before you put socks on. Any soggy skin between your toes is an ideal place for the fungi to grow.
  • Wash your towels frequently, and do not share towels with other people.
  • Change your socks daily. Fungi may multiply in flakes of skin in unwashed socks. Cotton socks are probably better to wear than nylon socks, which can cause sweating.
  • Ideally, alternate between different pairs of shoes every 2-3 days to allow each pair to dry out fully after being worn.
  • Whenever possible while you are at home, leave your shoes and socks off to let the air get to your feet.

Can undecenoate preparations cause problems?

Antifungal preparations usually cause no side-effects, although mild irritation can develop rarely. If this happens and the irritation becomes severe, stop using the preparation, as it may be a sign of an allergic reaction.

How to store undecenoate preparations

  • Keep all medicines out of the reach and sight of children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and light.