Abidec (Vitamin A, B, C, D)

How does it work?

Abidec drops are a multivitamin preparation, containing the fat-soluble vitamins A (retinol) and D2 (ergocalciferol) and the water-soluble vitamins C (ascorbic acid), B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinamide or niacin) and B6 (pyridoxine).

Vitamins are substances that are required by the body in very small amounts to maintain healthy growth and development and are in involved in numerous biological activities in the body.

With the exception of vitamin D, vitamins cannot be produced by the body and are therefore obtained solely from the diet. Lack of sufficient quantities of any of these vitamins in the diet can result in specific vitamin deficiency diseases. Vitamin deficiencies can sometimes produce serious consequences, particularly in babies and children. For instance, a deficiency of vitamin D can lead to soft, poorly developed bone (rickets), causing stunted growth.

While most healthy adults will receive all the vitamins they need from a good diet, growing children have higher vitamin requirements, which may not always be met by their diet, particularly if they are going through a fussy stage. Abidec drops can be given to babies and children to supplement vitamins acquired in the diet and help prevent vitamin deficiency disorders.

What is it used for?

  • Vitamin supplement to prevent vitamin deficiencies and promote normal growth and health in babies and children.

How do I give it?

  • Children aged under one year should be given one 0.3ml dose daily.
  • Children aged 1 to 12 years should be given one 0.6ml dose daily.
  • Place the drops directly on the back of the child's tongue using the oral syringe provided with the medicine. This is marked at 0.3ml and 0.6ml doses.


  • Do not exceed the stated dose. When using this multivitamin preparation, you should also take into consideration vitamins that are obtained from the diet, in order to prevent excessive intake. This is most important for the fat soluble vitamins A and D, as these can accumulate in the body. Vitamins A and D are found in sources such as cod liver oil or other fish liver oils. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more advice.
  • This medicine should not be used for longer than four weeks after opening the bottle. Write the date that you opened the bottle on the label so you know when to throw it away.

Not to be used in

  • Children with an allergy to peanuts or soya (Abidec drops contain arachis oil).
  • Abidec multivitamin drops have been specially formulated for babies and children and are not recommended for adults.

This medicine should not be used if your child is allergic to any of its ingredients. Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if your child has previously experienced such an allergy.

If you feel your child has experienced an allergic reaction, stop using this medicine and inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

Side effects

  • No side effects have been reported with this medicine when it is used at the recommended dose.

For more information about any other possible risks associated with this medicine, please read the information provided with the medicine or consult your doctor or pharmacist.

How can this medicine affect other medicines?

This medicine is not known to affect other medicines.

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